Innovative Tokenomics
It was essential for us to create a Tokenomics that was different from other games.
The main point was that the Team does not hold any tokens at any time.
In our opinion, this is a very big flaw in the usual Tokenomics, because it means that the Teams have to sell their own tokens to get paid, and thus withdraw the liquidity that was brought by the players. No way.
It's a bit like Apple having to sell its own shares to pay its expenses. It doesn't make sense..
In ArmzLegends, there is therefore no allocation to the Team, nor is there a fee in PROT (our token) that goes to the Team.
Of course, it's only natural that we should make money from our work, so we've devised a system of fees in BNB.
For each mint, listing on the marketplace, boost win rate and improve rarity, we take 0.05BNB. And 50% of the boost win rate and improve rarity fees will be used to buyback PROT and fulfill the contract that handles fights rewards.
This way, we sell BNB to pay ourselves, not PROT. We will have absolutely no negative presence on the chart.
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