Improve Rarity
You have the possibility to improve the rarity of an Armz. To do so, you need 3 Armz of the same rarity.
Among them, 1 will be upgraded to a higher rarity, and the other 2 will be burned.
If they are Common, then it will become Rare. If they are Rare, then it will become Epic.
Epic cannot be upgraded to Legendary.
But, you have a 3% chance of getting an extra upgrade. So upgrade a Common to Epic, or a Rare to Legendary!
The cost in PROT varies depending on the rarity of the Armz being fed:
Common: $20 in PROT Rare: $30 in PROT
On top of that, 0.05 BNB is added as fee (see Tokenomics for more information) And 50% of these fees will be used to buyback PROT and fulfil the contract that handles fights rewards.
All PROT used for Improve Rarity are BURNED.
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