Here you can find the list of the core team members. Other people are involved in the project as volunteers and will not be presented.

William - CEO

Originally a developer, William has launched several successful companies as CEO, particularly in the mobile apps.
Passionate about blockchain and cryptos since 2012, he recently decided to marry his two passions to launch projects on blockchain.
Inveterate gamer, having invested and played all the latest games on BSC (CryptoBlades, CryptoZoon, MyDefiPet, ...), he gathered around him a team to design the game he would have liked to see: Innovative and intelligent tokenomics on a crazy game.

Matteo - CTO

Matteo is the CTO of most of William's projects.
When William asked him to join him in this new adventure, he immediately said yes and took the lead on the Frontend and Blockchain parts.

Max - CMO

He worked in the marketing department of this first travel company for 3 years.
A crypto investor since 2018, he was looking to get an opportunity to work on a game in blockchain.
He is looking forward to making ArmzLegends a huge success!

Zachary - Web3 Developer

An experienced blockchain developer, he has worked on several Ethereum projects, mainly in NFT and DeFi.

Naoki - Artist

A talented draughtsman, without his pencil stroke, ArmzLegends would certainly not be as visually successful!
And it has not finished making us dream.